Worried Sick - Deborah Carr

Worried Sick

By Deborah Carr

  • Release Date: 2014-04-15
  • Genre: Health & Fitness


Comments like “I’m worried sick” convey the conventional wisdom that being “stressed out” will harm our health. Thousands of academic studies reveal that stressful life events (like a job loss), ongoing strains (like burdensome caregiving duties), and even daily hassles (like traffic jams on the commute to work) affect every aspect of our physical and emotional well-being. Cutting through a sea of scientific research and theories, Worried Sick answers many questions about how stress gets under our skin, makes us sick, and how and why people cope with stress differently. Included are several standard stress and coping checklists, allowing readers to gauge their own stress levels.

We have all experienced stressful times—maybe a major work deadline or relocating cross-country for a new job—when we came out unscathed, feeling not only emotionally and physically healthy, but better than we did prior to the crisis. Why do some people withstand adversity without a scratch, while others fall ill or become emotionally despondent when faced with even a seemingly minor hassle? Without oversimplifying the discussion, Deborah Carr succinctly provides readers with key themes and contemporary research on the concept of stress. Understanding individuals’ own sources of strength and vulnerability is an important step toward developing personal strategies to minimize stress and its unhealthy consequences. Yet Carr also challenges the notion that merely reducing stress in our lives will help us to stay healthy. Many of the stressors that we face in everyday life are not our problems alone; rather, they are symptoms of much larger, sweeping problems in contemporary U.S. society.

To readers interested in the broad range of chronic, acute, and daily life stressors facing Americans in the twenty-first century, as well as those with interest in the many ways that our physical and emotional health is shaped by our experiences, this brief book will be an immediate and quick look at these significant issues.

1              Introduction: What Is Stress?

2              Sweating the Small (and Big) Stuff: How and Why Stress Affects Our Mental Health

3              Under Our Skin: How and Why Stress Affects Our Physical Health

4              Why Some Crumble and Others Bounce Back: Risk and Resilience in the Face of Stress

5              Paths to Healing: Strategies for Overcoming Life’s Stressors

Worried Sick is the first book in Pinpoints, is a new series of concise ebooks, created to explore complex topics by explaining key theories, current scholarship, and important concepts in a brief, accessible style. Each Pinpoints ebook, in under 100 pages, provides original content which enables readers to gain a working knowledge of essential topics quickly.