20 Things Most People Don't Know About Bible Giving - Gordon Lindsay

20 Things Most People Don't Know About Bible Giving

By Gordon Lindsay

  • Release Date: 2014-01-07
  • Genre: Christianity


(This book is about biblical guidelines for giving.  It was republished after the author's death in an abridged format as "How To Be Enriched By Giving.")

It is surprising to discover the number of things that many people don’t know about Bible giving. The purpose of this little volume is to set forth these little known scriptural truths about stewardship, which so many have missed. Bible answers are given to such questions as the following:

Does Christ in heaven personally receive the tithes from His people?
What should every Christian do first before he brings his tithes and offerings to the Lord?
Can the poor give as much as the rich?
What is the great “prove me” promise that so few understand?
What is the forgotten clause in the law of the tithe?
Is a man under a curse if he withholds the tithe?
Is the law of the tithe abolished under grace?
What is the forgotten warning about giving?
How can a man “take it with him”?
What is the commandment that many people fail to heed before they leave this world?
How do you make friends with “the mammon of unrighteousness”?
What is the master key to prosperity?
What is the debt that must be paid before Christ returns?
Should a sinner pay tithes?

The Bible answers to these highly significant questions on giving will be found in this book.