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  • Just One Evil Act

    By Dude the Obscure
    Every Lynley book has been worse than the one before, and this one is absolutely awful. The so-called mystery is trivial and uninteresting, even more so than before. While that may be OK since that is not really the strength of George, the characters have now become parodies of themselves. Hopefully this is will really be the end of the Lynley’s series. Too bad George did not have enough sense to stick to her words the first time she said she would stop writing the series.
  • Good, but hard to believe

    By Frederika2
    Deeply involving, and engaging, but somewhat flawed by pretty unbelievable plot. I won't give away the story, but If Havers had gone any further off the reservation, she'd wound up on mars.
  • Just One Evil Act

    By Zoology23
    A great read as usual, loved the convoluted ending, BUT, and there always is one. Would have appreciated definitions of the Italian words, would that be so hard to do?
  • Just One Evil Act

    By MacSally
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Since I have read every book in the Inspector Lynley series, I was waiting for this one to be released. The twists and turns were exciting. The characters were exceptional. I would love more of Salvatore LoBianco and I like Daidre as well.
  • Just One Evil Deed

    By Chayalaya
    Elizabeth George does it again. Once you start her books - nothing gets done because you can't put book down. A wonderful story - some familiar characters - some new ones - many twists and turns. I hope Ms George is well on her way with her next book. Can't wait.
  • Just One Evil Act

    By Biker babe4U
    I could not wait to get my hands on the newest book from my favorite author. This one, by far, is the best Elizabeth George had written! Now I have to try to wait patiently off the next novel! Thank you, Elizabeth George, for writing a terrific piece of entertainment!