30-Day Mastery: Conditionals Made Easy - Olly Richards

30-Day Mastery: Conditionals Made Easy

By Olly Richards

  • Release Date: 2021-04-06
  • Genre: Spanish



Master Spanish conditionals in the next 30 days, with this innovative, story-based immersion method. Just read one chapter per day, complete the exercises and watch as one of the trickiest elements of Spanish falls into place and improves your speech without a hitch!

"I love Olly's work - and you will too!" -  Barbara Oakley, PhD, Author of New York Times bestseller A Mind for Numbers 

Most Spanish students try to learn Spanish grammar through rules and rote memorisation. This doesn't work, and is extremely stressful for you as a learner. Why? Because there are lots of so-called "rules" to learn and it's impossible to hold them all in your head at the same time while you're speaking. It's also not a natural approach ... native speakers don't learn the language with rules and memory tricks, after all!

With 30-Day Mastery: Conditionals Made Easy you'll learn through example and context, just like native speakers do! The magic of learning through story is that your main focus is actually not on memorising anything... you concentrate on understanding and enjoying the story! As you're reading, you will find that various forms of conditionals will begin to lodge themselves subconsciously in your brain. It doesn't happen right away - in fact it may take a couple of weeks for you to feel the real effects. But by the end of this book, you'll have a native-like command of Spanish conditionals that will amaze you and your friends!

In this story, you will learn about Jorge a successful surgeon with a secret passion for writing. As he attends a conference in Valencia, he runs into his old college crush, now a successful artist, who makes him question his previous career choices and leads him to wonder "what if?"

Not yet convinced? Here are all the features you will find in this book: 
Short chapters of 300 words each - just read one chapter a day for 30 days!A text designed specifically for students at CEFR level A2-B1A detailed language overview so you can review and quickly understand the grammar in the storyShort daily practice exercises to practice Spanish conditionals as you goBilingual word lists to quickly look up new vocabulary