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Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio: Summary by Fireside Reads

By Fireside Reads

  • Release Date: 2020-07-16
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Here's an Introduction of What You're About to Discover in this Premium Summary of Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio :

Principles: Life and Work is a narration of Ray Dalio’s  phenomenal success story with the illustrious Bridgewater Associates, an investment and management firm he founded in 1975. The book reveals his secret and magic formula that paved the way for the unprecedented growth and expansion of his hedge fund ventures. Dalio shared the principles that fundamentally transformed his business approach and made Bridgewater Associates the most successful brokerage firm in the world.  

Dalio's bad experience when he predicted the 1982 severe economic recession made him rethink how he managed his business. During this financial    slowdown , he made several high-risk investments despite their adverse effects on  his companies. The devastating results of his misjudgment and mismanagement almost bankrupted Bridgewater Associates and most of all, gravely wounded his confidence. Humbled by this learning experience, he overhauled his organizational strategies and adopted a more open mindset. Having reflected upon his past failures, he gathered up the courage to deal with the consequences of his arrogance head on and  successfully revived his businesses. This resulted in the inception of two more hedge funds under Dalio’s helm that accumulated a whopping $138 billion in assets and catapulted Bridgewater Associates to its esteemed position today.


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